Collage of clasping hands and the word altruism surrounded by oxytocin molecules

Hardwired to help

U-M psychologist and author Stephanie Preston discusses the evolutionary roots of altruism, why helping others helps us, and how to thrive in this giving season.
Published 11.15.2022
A collage featuring TV sports broadcasters Andrea Joyce and Tracy Wolfson, sports equipment, a Roman numeral “IX,” and U-M’s Burton Tower

Game Changers

U-M alumnae Andrea Joyce (AB ’76), of NBC, and Tracy Wolfson (AB ’97), of CBS, talk about their sports broadcasting careers, the importance of Title IX, and why they give back to Michigan.
Published 9.13.2022
Hands making the shape of a heart.

‘Lift as we climb’

Celebrating the impact of Black philanthropy at U-M.
Published 8.29.2022
A photo collage of Julia Gray in Iceland

An adventure abroad

Julia Gray (LSA Class of 2022) had always dreamed of traveling to Iceland and expanding her understanding of an unfamiliar culture. As a U-M student, that dream came true thanks to generous donor support.
Published 7.12.2022