Chapter 2

Health & Wellness

The University of Michigan has long been credited as a global leader in medical research, education, and patient care. U-M opened the first university-owned hospital in the United States in 1869. In the 150 years since, leading doctors, nurses, researchers, students, and support staff have contributed to numerous medical breakthroughs and a nationally recognized patient care experience. U-M’s list of medical firsts is abundant: it created the first human genetics program in the United States, one of the nation’s first psychiatric departments, the first burn center in the state of Michigan, and the first comprehensive depression center in the country. U-M physicians performed the first heart transplant in Michigan at University Hospital, and it was at U-M that the foundations of the polio vaccine became a reality. Today U-M is home to a top five hospital in the country, alongside the likes of the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and Johns Hopkins Hospital. U-M’s contributions to a healthier world don’t end at its nationally renowned health system and Medical School. Its School of Dentistry is the leading dental school in the United States; its College of Pharmacy consistently ranks in the top five in the nation. Its School of Kinesiology is the No. 2 college for kinesiology and physical therapy in the U.S., with its School of Nursing and School of Public Health both ranking in the top ten in undergraduate and graduate programs across the board. At U-M’s Life Sciences Institute, faculty, staff, and students aim to advance the understanding of the fundamental processes of life and improve human health. Unrivaled cross-campus collaboration empowers programs like the university’s new Precision Health and Biosciences initiatives. On every corner of campus, the leaders and best in health and wellness are working together to make life better for others. Your support for health and wellness initiatives at U-M during the Victors for Michigan campaign made a remarkable impact on countless lives. As Michigan Medicine Campaign Chair Rich Rogel (BBA ’70, HLLD ’09) likes to say, gifts like yours “will make people’s lives better, and that’s the most important thing.” These stories attest to your commitment to a happier, healthier world for all. block-m-maize  

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Paper sculpture of the Rogel Cancer Center.

Catalyzing Cancer Research & Care

Donor support makes U-M a world-class hub for cancer research and care
Published 3.18.2019
Smiling students in Michigan gear

Conquering Clinical Depression & Mood Disorders

Donors help U-M push for brighter outcomes in depression and mood disorder
Published 3.18.2019
Closeup of surgery practice.

Revolutionizing Complex Cardiovascular Care

Victors for Michigan campaign elevates U-M as a premier destination for cardiovascular care
Published 3.18.2019