2021 University of Michigan-Dearborn Deans' Letter

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University of Michigan-Dearborn will continue its legacy of excellence and getting students career-ready by providing a vast array of people access to a Michigan degree. Your support plays a vital role in our students’ journeys.

As the four deans of UM-Dearborn’s colleges, we’re united when we mark diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as one of our top priorities. We recognize that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. We are committed to opening doors for current students and inspiring future students to see greatness in themselves. The diversity of our students is a strength with far reaching implications. With your help and support, more doors will open for more students.

Our world has never been more in need of problem-solvers, do-gooders, makers, fixers, founders, scientists, teachers, and leaders. Everyone deserves a seat at the table of opportunity. Your gift will help us get there.

At the College of Arts, Sciences, & Letters (CASL), the Michigan degree will change their lives and their families forever. When you give to the CASL Annual Fund, the CASL Stay the Course Scholarship, or the CASL Get to Graduation Scholarship, you help students stay on the course to graduation, get across the finish line, conquer adversity, and make the world better. The vast majority of the students that these funds benefit come from traditionally underrepresented populations.

CASL is also committed to making High Impact Learning practices available to all of its students. Among the most important of these is mentored student research, where students put theoretical knowledge into practice. Research is a hallmark of the CASL experience. These opportunities position our students for successful transitions into the workplace or to continue on their higher education path.

When you support initiatives and scholarships at CASL, you ensure the college’s DEI work keeps transforming student lives.

The College of Education, Health, and Human Services (CEHHS) has two intentional and important paths to opportunity. Our Department of Education prepares students through engaged scholarship, diverse field placements, and strong community partnerships. The Master of Arts in Community Based Education invites students, especially nontraditional students, to learn within the communities they hope to serve.

Healthy minds and bodies are necessary to heal the world, and the Department of Health and Human Service prepares students to improve the health and welfare of their communities. Through innovative curriculum, hands-on education, and community engagement, our students can begin shifting public health and wellness toward the better. Giving to CEHHS gives students the opportunity to lift themselves and their communities up through teaching, learning, and well-being.

At the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS), we pride ourselves on our community contributions, such as providing outstanding talent to our industry partners and by offering transformative education to our students. We also pride ourselves on our continuing DEI efforts, especially when it comes to diversifying our student and faculty populations. We know that the best solutions come from many minds, experiences, and voices in the lab or at the design station. Our students have the passion, talent, energy, and character to thrive as the best engineers and computer scientists. They hail from all genders, and from all socio-economic, racial, ethnic, and religious communities.

Our faculty and staff exceed expectations in creating respectful, inclusive, collegial, and academically exceptional and challenging learning environments. Many experiment with new engineering pedagogies and challenge us to become more effective teachers. With your help, we can ensure the best faculty help each student realize their full potential.

Everything we do will further be enhanced by the newly reopened Engineering Laboratory Building, offering students modern, flexible, classrooms and laboratories in a technology-driven environment. We would not be able to do this without your help. Not only are we grateful for your giving, but also for your partnerships in industry and your active involvement with our students as mentors.

The College of Business (COB) continues to recruit, retain, and graduate the leaders and best in business, finance, management, and entrepreneurship. The generosity of our alumni and donors has allowed us to provide excellence in the classroom, scholarship dollars that break down financial barriers, and experiential learning that expands networks and brings the best business minds together.

Because of alumni and donor support like yours, a majority of our students graduate with no or low debt. Over 90% get hired within months of graduation. Even as the pandemic raged on, we climbed the ranks for the best undergraduate business education in the country. We have watched new problems emerge in business, but we know our graduates are in a competitive position to make a difference. We are elated to see the talent of our students flourish when matched with the opportunities alumni and donors provide. You help make this happen for our students and the COB is grateful for your support.

Thank you for all that you do. We hope you continue helping UM-Dearborn students with your gift today.

Go Blue, Go Dearborn!


Dean Martin J. Hershock
College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters


Dean Ann Lampkin-Williams
College of Education, Health, and Human Services


Ghassan Kridli

Dean Ghassan Kridli
College of Engineering and Computer Science


Dean Raju Balakrishnan
College of Business

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