L&B in Conversation with Andrew Hoffman

As the Holcim Inc. Professor of Sustainable Enterprise, Andrew Hoffman holds joint appointments at the Ross School of Business and the School for Environment...
Published 4.22.2020
Published 4.13.2020

Turning the Tide: 50 years of CEW+ Scholarships

Since 1970, the University of Michigan’s Center for the Education of Women+(CEW+) has provided more than 1,800 scholarships to Michigan students. To celebrate fifty years of CEW+ scholarship support, Leaders & Best takes a look back at the center’s history and the bold women who helped found it.
Published 3.9.2020

$10M Gift from Ron Weiser to Fund New Real Estate Center at U-M

Announced at the U-M Board of Regents meeting Feb. 20, the new Weiser Center for Real Estate will serve as a center of excellence where students can learn from...
Published 2.28.2020

Notes on a Michigan Fundraiser

U-M’s new fundraising captain speaks to the future of fundraising, putting people first, and the power of positive business. Nearly 12 months into his new role, Tom Baird sat down with Leaders & Best to reflect on his first year. Our conversation ranges from the future of U-M fundraising to the art of work-life balance and the power of positivity.
Published 2.10.2020

The American West is burning

With rampant wildfires threatening ecosystems and communities around the world, Leaders & Best explores how U-M could help fight back against climate change and preserve some of our nation’s most cherished landscapes.
Published 2.10.2020

UMMA Revisited

We explore the University of Michigan Museum of Art, its iconic Tisch Apse, and the long history that’s shaped one of U-M’s most renowned spaces.
Published 2.10.2020

Science of Philanthropy

Ever wonder why giving feels so good? L&B explores the science of philanthropy with U-M alumna Sara Konrath.
Published 2.10.2020

Student Impact Stories

Meet three U-M students whose stories illustrate the impact of student support at Michigan.
Published 2.10.2020

What It Meant to Me

Dr. Alexa Canady shares her U-M story and how a scholarship in the summer of 1971 helped set her on course to make history.
Published 2.10.2020

Fireside With President Mark S. Schlissel

A year removed from the Victors for Michigan campaign, U-M President Mark Schlissel offers his thoughts on what comes next for U-M. He talks student support, strategic initiatives, and how Michigan is preparing to meet society’s most pressing challenges.
Published 2.10.2020

Taking Home the Hermelin

Celebrating the latest recipients of U-M’s David B. Hermelin Award for Fundraising Volunteer Leadership.
Published 2.10.2020